The Misconceptions About Witchcraft Wicca

Witchcraft WiccaWicca is not actually a form of witchcraft but is a belief or way of life that started before Christianity; it is also known as Wicca witchcraft or witchcraft Wicca which is wrong. The believers are called Wiccans and not witches. During earlier centuries the people who believed in witchcraft were persecuted; these days the faith is fast reemerging.

These days, many young people in campuses are becoming more convinced about how peaceful the Wicca religion is. It fosters respect and living in harmony with everything that exists in nature. In the 90’s there was a sudden increase in the number of believers owing to the positive influences of Hollywood movies and shows like: The Craft (1996); Practical Magic (movie, 1998); Sabrina, The Teenage Witch (TV Series); Buffy, the Vampire Slayer (TV Series); and Charmed (TV Series). Most of the lead actresses in these productions are cute, funny, good and they perform white magic that makes every girl in the block wishing to be like them.

Seriously, witchcraft Wicca touches on the spirituality of a believer that encourages one have a relationship with nature as they confirms the mysticism in all living things. The meaning of witchcraft is “the craft of the wise” which appropriately describes their intelligence to the workings of nature that makes the capable healers. Wisdom, creativity, harmony, love, and healing are the spells they perform. When they concoct potions, it is not so different when non-witches mix kitchen remedies to cleanse and whiten skin or use herbs to cure inflammation.

Witches believe in the Law of Three which states that “whatever we send out into our world shall return to us three fold either good or bane.” Hence, real witches do not wish to hurt others for it will hit them harder than they hit them. They do not worship Satan for he is from a Christian concept. They do not have super powers, these are only seen in movies or in fantasies.

The error of one must not be used to describe the entire religion because there are bad witches or Wiccans just like there can also be bad Christians. The same flaws in human character apply to each person whether one is involved with witchcraft Wicca or in Christianity.


Things To Know About Book Of Shadows In A Wicca Store

Book of ShadowsAs a matter of fact, witch cult or also known as witchcraft is a religion but not everyone is familiar with this fact. Yes, you read it right. Some people live it and practice it just like any religion, and this is called the Wicca religion. This originated in Southern England and made its way throughout the globe. This is considered modern paganism and was made popular by Gerald Gardner. Making Wicca a way of life necessitates having the Book of Shadows that shows how is it to be a Wiccan and this can be purchased from a Wicca store.

The Wicca religion has been linked with some theological positions. The conviction of the religion is that the believers have the choice on what path they want to take. This can be seen as a mystery religion as seen in the documented book that has collected information from all other witchcraft texts like the Aradia and the Gospel of the Witches. The purpose of the witchcraft books such as the Witch’s grimoires serve the same purpose because it tells how to do spells, rituals, religious poetry as well as chants such as Eko Eko Azarak.

The Book of Shadows can be purchased in a Wicca store. Before its release, Gardner wanted to make each book unique. This is done so that students will have a copy of a different content approach with their initiators or mentors. However, this was not pursued with the realization that changes can lose the real meaning of Wicca and learners might just be confused in the process. Similarly, the chants, rituals, poetries and spells may not be as effective if changes are to be made. Hence, all Book of Shadows written in the version of the high priestess Monique Wilson, are basically identical wherever it may be bought.

There have been many authors who adapted the Book of Shadows and made their own versions. However, any of the new books will never replace the original Book of Shadows. This book, as Gardner said, is a book of spells and is not a bible for the Wiccans. This is a form of sharing spells so that new witches can get started.

Facts About The Wicca Religion

The world is filled with varieties and every person can learn if we allow these varieties enter our lives and if we can adapt to it. In the U.S., and even in other races and cultures, it is not out of the ordinary to find Americans being enticed by some of the different cultures, beliefs and religion. Being so interested with other cultures and faith may sometimes instill a deep appreciation for it that it becomes a part of their lives as they change their religion like the Wicca religion.

Wiccan ReligionThere are many different religions; one notable one that perhaps most people do not realize is a religion is the Wicca religion. This is a religion that involves modern paganism. A lot of peopleare quite familiar if the terms “witchcraft” or “witch cult” is used. There are many theological positions connected to Wicca which include Goddess worship, Monotheism and Polytheism. The believers of this faith can choose their paths and actions depending on what their goals are; this makes it mysterious.

Within the Wicca religion, there are five elements. The elements are the spirit called Aether and water, earth, air and fire. Most Wicca data shows that a lot of followers link these elements to the tree because it has the element of earth from the soil and the plant matter. The element of water is found in the sap and the moisture. The element of spirit is found in the exchange of oxygen and carbon dioxide and the element of fire is found in the process of photosynthesis which is energized by solar energy. These five elements are symbolized by the pentagram that unites all elements. Incorporating the five elements in the rituals and other practices that came from Southern England is common among Wiccans although there are some who choose to use these less frequently.

In the U.S and other countries as well, the Wicca religion is spreading pretty swiftly. Primarily the attractions of this faith system are the peace, respect for nature and the intention not to harm others. This may be hard to believe with the black propaganda that attacked it since time immemorial. Since people of this generation are more clever, maybe the truth can prevail.

Traditional Witchcraft And Wicca Symbols

Wicca SymbolsThe ancient pagan religion witchcraft is given a new make over in Wicca that reemerged in the early 20th century. Its practice comes with rituals, spells and use of Wicca symbols. The use of these tools in their practices through time and their veneration of their gods and goddesses made these become symbols associated to witchcraft.

The most basic and distinctive primary Wicca symbols are the Pentacle, Athame, Chalice, Cauldron and Wand.

1. The Pentacle appears as a continuous circle with a five-pointed star at the center symbolizing protection. The five points represent the unified four elements of nature (water, air, fire and earth) and the Centre/Spirit. This is sometimes taken to mean as symbol of the devil. It is also called as Pentalpha that means “life” or “health”, the star of Ishtar or of Isis. A pentacle that is inverted implies proffering something back to earth.

2. Athame is a black-handled knife that represents ideas, beginnings, judgment and alternatives. It is used to end the lies and the unreal to let reality be revealed. It is utilized to guide power, focus and objectives.

3. The Wand is actually a symbol of male energy and fecundity and is most well-known mystical tool of witches. It can be used to invoke the element of Air, Fire, god or goddess and to consecrate a sacred place to hold a ritual.

4. The Cauldron is the icon for West, Water, deities like Hecate, Kali and Cerridwen, and the womb of the mother goddess. It bestows rebirth, death, wisdom, fertility and sexuality.

5. Fire such as candles and bonfires symbolize a power of transformation that can be called upon during rituals and celebrations. Leaping over a bonfire can be taken to mean purification to give way to transformation.

6. The Broom represents freedom from all that are earth-bound and to soar in essence. It relates to female witches and female mystic.

7. Book of Shadows or grimoire, is a chronicle of personally written witchcraft rituals and practices. This, therefore, contains personal accounts of experiences put together as a collection. There are those sold to serve as a guide for beginners.

There are 62 more symbols used in witchcraft and Wicca like .Aura, Bell, Cat, Cloak, Gods and Goddesses, Pendulum, Menstruation and Witches’ hats. Learn about these Wicca symbols from many Internet references.

The Steps In Holding Wicca Rituals

Wicca RitualsWicca is a structure of beliefs that call upon the practices for divination. It is also a craft which means skills that need to be learned: the Wicca rituals and spells. Nature is the basis of their beliefs so it’s only natural that their spells and rituals are linked with what exist in the environment. If you are into Wicca to be a believer and practitioner, it is important to be aware that there are many divisions. Choose the philosophy that you feel is attuned to your thinking to avoid confusion.

Spring and fall equinoxes: the spring and winter solstices: and the phases of the moon are just some of the Wiccan rituals that coincide with special times or seasonsof the year. The four most important rituals are: Imbolg, Beltane, Lughnasadh, and Samhain. A ritual that ends winter and welcomes springs is called Imbolg. Belatane celebrates the start of summer and good pastoral season. Lughnasadh is a merriment when there is a good harvest. Samhain is a rite held to welcome winter and the Celtic New Year.

Wicca rituals, whether public or private, have the following parts:

1. The restoration and purification of the thoughts of the people who entered the ritual as well as the space where the ritual is held.

2. The calling upon specific gods (Godvokes) or any god or goddess (archetype) as well as the four elements – air, water, earth and fire.

3. Casting of a circle or sacred space by holding hands or by drawing a circle using an athame (sacred knife, wand, staff or hand).

4. Statement of the purpose by the priest, priestess or leader of the group which are usually related to the season.

5. The ritual proper which is like a reenactment or dramatization the seasonal rite that is being celebrated.

6. Lifting the energy level of the ritual with dancing, singing, chanting and performance of other symbolical actions.

7. Sharing the the blessed seasonal food, drink and other harvest.

Finally, when it is time to end the Wicca rituals, the reverse of the invocations are done. The closing of the circle, and the de-vocations of the four elements and the gods ends the ritual. “The circle is open but unbroken, this is what everyone says when it is nearing its end. “Merry meet and merry part and merry meet again.”