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Traditional Witchcraft And Wicca Symbols

Wicca SymbolsThe ancient pagan religion witchcraft is given a new make over in Wicca that reemerged in the early 20th century. Its practice comes with rituals, spells and use of Wicca symbols. The use of these tools in their practices through time and their veneration of their gods and goddesses made these become symbols associated to witchcraft.

The most basic and distinctive primary Wicca symbols are the Pentacle, Athame, Chalice, Cauldron and Wand.

1. The Pentacle appears as a continuous circle with a five-pointed star at the center symbolizing protection. The five points represent the unified four elements of nature (water, air, fire and earth) and the Centre/Spirit. This is sometimes taken to mean as symbol of the devil. It is also called as Pentalpha that means “life” or “health”, the star of Ishtar or of Isis. A pentacle that is inverted implies proffering something back to earth.

2. Athame is a black-handled knife that represents ideas, beginnings, judgment and alternatives. It is used to end the lies and the unreal to let reality be revealed. It is utilized to guide power, focus and objectives.

3. The Wand is actually a symbol of male energy and fecundity and is most well-known mystical tool of witches. It can be used to invoke the element of Air, Fire, god or goddess and to consecrate a sacred place to hold a ritual.

4. The Cauldron is the icon for West, Water, deities like Hecate, Kali and Cerridwen, and the womb of the mother goddess. It bestows rebirth, death, wisdom, fertility and sexuality.

5. Fire such as candles and bonfires symbolize a power of transformation that can be called upon during rituals and celebrations. Leaping over a bonfire can be taken to mean purification to give way to transformation.

6. The Broom represents freedom from all that are earth-bound and to soar in essence. It relates to female witches and female mystic.

7. Book of Shadows or grimoire, is a chronicle of personally written witchcraft rituals and practices. This, therefore, contains personal accounts of experiences put together as a collection. There are those sold to serve as a guide for beginners.

There are 62 more symbols used in witchcraft and Wicca like .Aura, Bell, Cat, Cloak, Gods and Goddesses, Pendulum, Menstruation and Witches’ hats. Learn about these Wicca symbols from many Internet references.