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The Steps In Holding Wicca Rituals

Wicca RitualsWicca is a structure of beliefs that call upon the practices for divination. It is also a craft which means skills that need to be learned: the Wicca rituals and spells. Nature is the basis of their beliefs so it’s only natural that their spells and rituals are linked with what exist in the environment. If you are into Wicca to be a believer and practitioner, it is important to be aware that there are many divisions. Choose the philosophy that you feel is attuned to your thinking to avoid confusion.

Spring and fall equinoxes: the spring and winter solstices: and the phases of the moon are just some of the Wiccan rituals that coincide with special times or seasonsof the year. The four most important rituals are: Imbolg, Beltane, Lughnasadh, and Samhain. A ritual that ends winter and welcomes springs is called Imbolg. Belatane celebrates the start of summer and good pastoral season. Lughnasadh is a merriment when there is a good harvest. Samhain is a rite held to welcome winter and the Celtic New Year.

Wicca rituals, whether public or private, have the following parts:

1. The restoration and purification of the thoughts of the people who entered the ritual as well as the space where the ritual is held.

2. The calling upon specific gods (Godvokes) or any god or goddess (archetype) as well as the four elements – air, water, earth and fire.

3. Casting of a circle or sacred space by holding hands or by drawing a circle using an athame (sacred knife, wand, staff or hand).

4. Statement of the purpose by the priest, priestess or leader of the group which are usually related to the season.

5. The ritual proper which is like a reenactment or dramatization the seasonal rite that is being celebrated.

6. Lifting the energy level of the ritual with dancing, singing, chanting and performance of other symbolical actions.

7. Sharing the the blessed seasonal food, drink and other harvest.

Finally, when it is time to end the Wicca rituals, the reverse of the invocations are done. The closing of the circle, and the de-vocations of the four elements and the gods ends the ritual. “The circle is open but unbroken, this is what everyone says when it is nearing its end. “Merry meet and merry part and merry meet again.”