The Misconceptions About Witchcraft Wicca

Witchcraft WiccaWicca is not actually a form of witchcraft but is a belief or way of life that started before Christianity; it is also known as Wicca witchcraft or witchcraft Wicca which is wrong. The believers are called Wiccans and not witches. During earlier centuries the people who believed in witchcraft were persecuted; these days the faith is fast reemerging.

These days, many young people in campuses are becoming more convinced about how peaceful the Wicca religion is. It fosters respect and living in harmony with everything that exists in nature. In the 90’s there was a sudden increase in the number of believers owing to the positive influences of Hollywood movies and shows like: The Craft (1996); Practical Magic (movie, 1998); Sabrina, The Teenage Witch (TV Series); Buffy, the Vampire Slayer (TV Series); and Charmed (TV Series). Most of the lead actresses in these productions are cute, funny, good and they perform white magic that makes every girl in the block wishing to be like them.

Seriously, witchcraft Wicca touches on the spirituality of a believer that encourages one have a relationship with nature as they confirms the mysticism in all living things. The meaning of witchcraft is “the craft of the wise” which appropriately describes their intelligence to the workings of nature that makes the capable healers. Wisdom, creativity, harmony, love, and healing are the spells they perform. When they concoct potions, it is not so different when non-witches mix kitchen remedies to cleanse and whiten skin or use herbs to cure inflammation.

Witches believe in the Law of Three which states that “whatever we send out into our world shall return to us three fold either good or bane.” Hence, real witches do not wish to hurt others for it will hit them harder than they hit them. They do not worship Satan for he is from a Christian concept. They do not have super powers, these are only seen in movies or in fantasies.

The error of one must not be used to describe the entire religion because there are bad witches or Wiccans just like there can also be bad Christians. The same flaws in human character apply to each person whether one is involved with witchcraft Wicca or in Christianity.


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